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Dynamic Teen Company-Making a Difference, Inc.

The Dynamic Teen Company – Making a Difference, Inc. was registered with the SEC as a non-stock, non-profit corporation on December 24, 2008 by a group of young individuals with a mission of making a significant difference in other people’s lives. The group was founded in August 1997 by three teenagers from Cavite National High School, and later on grew as their mentor Mr. Manalaysay, whom they call “Tats” continues to guide them with virtues of helping others. Efren Peñaflorida, awardee of the CNN Hero of the year in November 2009, for his Kariton Klasrum project, is one of the founders. In 2012, the International Children’s Peace Prize award was given to Kez Valdes, a 13-year old boy, who was rescued by “Tats” from being physically abused by his parents. Kez, in his young age had organized his own Dynamic Teen Club Chapter. The Foundation is the mother organization of the Dynamic Teen Company Chapters, a club of teen-agers, which aims is to provide productive activities such as community service and talent and self- development. It is an operating organization. Its main office is located at 188 Brgy. 14, J. Miranda St., Caridad, Cavite City. The foundation has one regular staff, one part-time staff, and one hundred twenty volunteers. There are sixteen members of the Board of Trustees of which one is an Ex-Officio.

Its purposes (V-M-G), among others, are “to promote literacy to the disadvantaged, provide them with guidance until they progress in their career and be productive contributors of society”. The Foundation’s programs/projects focuses on the non-formal and formal education of the out-of-school children such as street children, school dropouts child laborers and other poor children.

• K4 (Kariton Klasrum, Klinik at Kantina) The K4 system uses the pushcart or commonly known, as “Kariton” to bring weekly non-formal education and value formation to 5 – 15 year old out-of school children such as street children, out-of-school kids, drop-outs and child laborers. The learners are encouraged to go back to formal school.
• Learner’s Educational Aid Program (L.E.A.P.)
L.E.A.P is a student-support service for beneficiaries of the Kariton Klasrum who go back to formal school to stay on till they finish their basic education. Its services include monitoring of performance, provision of school supplies and snacks during class break time, regular tutorial sessions, health check-ups and other needed interventions including involvement of their families and school authorities.
• Scholarship for Tertiary Education Program (S.T.E.P)
S.T.E.P. aims to provide tertiary education scholarship, guidance and life skills and vocational training to both DTC volunteers and children from L.E.A.P. that finished high school education or its equivalent.
• Formal Admission to Career Employment (F.A.C.E.)
F.A.C.E. equips and supports youth in their venture by providing them direct or referral assistance in their chosen field, gearing them up towards the world of work or in putting up their own business making them prolific, sustainable and ready to give back to society and family.
• Other projects of the organization are: Volunteers Treat; Health Check-up; Pangarap ng Pasko; Treat the Street Kids; Mentoring Session; Volunteers Upgrading Seminars




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(046) 431-5263

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Chief Executive Officer,


188 Brgy. 14, J. Miranda Street, Caridad, Cavite City



Education - Supports Formal Schools/Students

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