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Tuesday, May 27, 2014




PCNC held its 15th Annual Assembly Meeting on 27 May 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Quezon City.  The event was considered the largest gathering of PCNC certified organizations, in particular, and non-stock, non-profit organizations or NGOs and Foundations, in general. A total of 340 participants representing 238 PCNC certified organizations attended the Meeting.


Guest Speakers


Ms. Victoria Garchitorena, NGO pillar and current Phil-Am Fund Chief of Party, keynoted the event.  Having been one of the incorporators and subsequently the president during the first years of PCNC, she traced the history of the Organization. She emphasized its significance to the government and the private sectors and cited the stature it has reached at the current time.  Further, she commended the wide-ranging contribution of NGOs to the development of thePhilippines. As a final challenge, she encouraged PCNC and the certified organizations to continue to “spread the gospel” of the seal of good governance among NGOs which have yet to be certified by PCNC.


Another Guest Speaker was Mr. Mario Deriquito, a former PCNC Board Member and current Department of Education (DepEd) UnderSecretary for Partnerships and External Linkages. He emphasized the major role that NGOs/Foundations continue to play in partnering with DepEd so as to meet the extensive needs of basic education in the Country.


Outgoing PCNC Board Members and Volunteer Peer Evaluators Honored


Special recognition was given to outgoing Board Members who have provided volunteer services for three (3) years: Ms. Teresita Ang See, Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan and Mr. Gil Salazar.

Also honored were Volunteer Peer Evaluators who have met milestones set in the number of NGO applicants evaluated. Ms. Doris M. Espinosa, Mr. Aquino I. Garcia and Ms. Lolita Tang had conducted evaluation of more than 75 organizations each. Sr. Maria Luisa D. Simon, SFIC, evaluated more than 100 organizations for PCNC.


Report from the Board


The Board Chairperson, Mr. Augusto Carpio III, reported that the past year was very challenging for non-stock, non-profit organizations.  Misappropriation of government funds coursed through “bogus” NGOs led to a stricter monitoring and implementation of rules and regulations by government agencies, especially SEC and BIR.  This also created the erosion of public trust in NGOs.  Further, the effects of the series of calamities stretched the limits of NGO services.  Amidst all of these, NGOs and Foundations continued their assistance to target sectors/beneficiaries.  PCNC ensured that Philippine NGOs and Foundations approved for certification are indeed legitimate, efficient and effective organizations.


Mr. Carpio proudly shared the local and international appreciation of PCNC’s work.  The Organization is now requested to serve as a resource during Senate and Congress hearings on several bills that relate to NGOs and organizational certification.  PCNC has been invited by six (6) NGO networks in thePhilippinesto discuss NGO organizational “good housekeeping” in 12 workshops.  It was also asked to share good practices and lessons learned in three (3) international gatherings. The most recent invitation was from the International Civil Society Centre based in Berlin, to join six (6) other certification institutions from different parts of the world in developing a basic set of globally acceptable standards of “good housekeeping” for NGOs.


Ratification of the Reports from the Board and the Treasurer and “Acts of the Board”


The Body ratified the Report from the Board and the Treasurer’s Report.  After the presentation of the “Acts of the Board”, the Body ratified the new policies presented and the amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.


New PCNC Board Members


Ms. Teresita Ang See and Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan are now on their second term as PCNC Board Members. Ms. Cecila Alcantara, who served in the PCNC Board from 2004 to 2006, was also elected.


Other Activities


The Annual Assembly had other activities composed of the following:


Special musical numbers by the Magsaysay Children’s Chorale of the Homer Foundation.  The chorale is composed of children who are “trying to rise above their disadvantaged position” through music. 

Presentation by Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan of the “Health Wonders of Malunggay and Luyang Dilaw (Turmeric)”

Conduct of a raffle with items donated by the Bonifacio Arts Foundation, IPI Foundation, Jollibee Foundation, and San Miguel Foundation.




[1] Various donors from the PCNC certified organizations helped defray costs incurred for the Assembly as well as the travel expenses of attendees residing outside the National Capital Region.