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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PCNC's Policy on Independent Trustee


In accordance with the principles of good governance which are seriously considered in PCNCs evaluation of NGOs/Foundations, the PCNC Board has put out the following guidelines:

  1. Since interlocking relationships can increase the difficulty of exercising the level of independent judgment among members of the Board of non-stock, non-profit organizations, it is therefore expected that there be at least one (1) Independent Trustee on the Board of Corporate Foundations, Family Foundations, and NGOs/Foundations organized by religious congregations. An independent trustee is one who is not employed in any capacity by the NGO/Foundation and/or its mother/sister corporations or a member of the family or congregation that organized it. The independent trustee also must not have monetary interest in the NGO/Foundation.

  1. To ensure checks and balances and avoid even the mere perception of conflict of interest, the Chairman/President and the Treasurer of the NGO/Foundation should not be related by affinity or consanguinity up to the 2nd degree (e.g. spouse, sibling, parent or child).