PAS - General Description of Complaint

PCNC devised the Public Accountability System (PAS) as a clear process of investigating and acting on public complaints and feedback with the objective of ensuring that its' member NGOs are accountable for the standards they have committed to uphold. The PAS invites public scrutiny on both PCNC's certification system as well as PCNC-certified NGOs.

1. What organization(s) is/are being reported?
2. Who in the organization is/are involved?
3. What is the nature of the complaint?
4. When did the incident happen?
5. How did you come to know about this case?
6. How does this negatively affect you or others?
7. Do you have direct knowledge of this incident/action?
8. How did you become aware of this incident?
9. Do you know other persons who have direct knowledge of this incident/actions?
10. Other details.
Please provide us other Documents to substantiate your complaint
  1. A list and detailed description of sources of evidence that can be used to support the allegations including witnesses, and documentation
  2. a summary of any other previous and ongoing actions taken to correct this matter.

  3. the status of any legal actions under way related to this matter.
You may send all documents to PCNC 6th Floor SCC Bldg. CFA-MA Compound 4427 Interior Old Sta. Mesa 1016 Manila, Philippines or you may send them via fax to 7152783

Contact Details

To be maintained as anonymous, but contact details are necessary for data-gathering and feedback.
  Complainant Name:
  Address :
  Telephone :
  Mobile Phone :
  Security code :